Arctic Leap

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Arctic Leap
Arctic Leap.png
Ability type: Ultimate
Damage: 200% magic damage
Effect: Leap into the air and strike down at target location, dealing damage.
A nova of frost erupts from the impact location, freezing any enemy hit for up to 6s, enemy vampires are frozen for 3s.
AOE: Yes
Cooldown: 150 s
Cast time: 0 s
Charges: 1
Ability Category: Frost


Arctic Leap is a frost-tree Ultimate ability that launches the player into the air before striking down onto nearby enemies, dealing 200% AoE magic damage. This causes an explosive effect to trigger, freezing all nearby enemies for six seconds upon hit, while enemy vampires will be frozen for three seconds.


Arctic Leap is rewarded for besting Terrorclaw The Ogre.


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