Beatrice the Tailor

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Beatrice the Tailor
Beatrice the Tailor.png
Location Dawnbreak Village
Region Dunley Farmlands
Default Level 38

The most talented tailor in all of Vardoran, but no one is without a skeleton in their closet. Though the legacy of Dracula's blood runs through her veins, she has proven far more charming than dangerous.






Beatrice the Tailor can be found in Dawnbreak Village on the east side of Dunley Farmlands.


Beatrice doesn't attack the player, instead she will run away and around Dawnbreak Village alerting as many guards to help her as possible. Clearing the village first, especially the bell ringer before attacking her is a wise choice and will make the fight especially easy as you then just need to chase her down and kill her. Using snare spells and DOTs will help with catching up to Beatrice and dealing damage while she is moving around. If playing in a group, as she runs away from the player, it is possible to herd her between several players, and use ranged attacks to take her down without having to run all over the village after her.

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