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Blood is a vital resource in V Rising. It decreases over time, except when resting in a coffin. As blood gets low, a grey edge of screen effect appears. When the blood pool is empty, health is lost quickly down to 1hp.

When feeding, the blood meter is filled to full and the blood type is changed to match what you fed from. Rats and hearts offer a portable source of blood but will change the blood type to frailed (no perks). Blood potions, however, offer a portable source of blood that will turn your blood type and quality to that of the blood potion.

By using Expose Vein, other vampires can feed on your blood pool, taking half of it and gaining the corresponding blood type.

Blood can be used to regain health through the Blood Mend vampire ability.

Blood Quality

There are 5 tiers within each blood type that provide you with additional buffs and effects. The blood quality of your victim determines the tier of that blood type. Blood quality can be seen as a percentage under enemy health bars (by hovering over the enemy).

These tiers are divided by certain percentage ranges, included in the table below.

Blood Types

Type Tier I (1-29%) Tier II (30-59%) Tier III (60-89%) Tier IV (90-99%) Tier V (100%)
BloodType Brute Small.png
7.5% - 12.5% primary attack Life Leech +7.5% - +15% primary attack speed

+1 Gear Level

Healing received +20% to +35%.

Heal self for 4% of victim's health on killing blow

6% chance per health recovered for +20% movement speed +25% primary attack damage All tier effects +30%
BloodType Beast Small.png
+3% - 15% Movement Speed 10 - 25 increased Sun Resistance rating 10% - 20% Damage Reduction 150% increased Health regeneration All tier effects +30%
BloodType None Small.png
- - - - -
BloodType Rogue Small.png
+10% - 20% chance to critical strike on weapon attacks +8% - +15% Movement Speed 12% - 25% reduced cooldown on Travel Skills.

100% chance to critical strike on the next physical attack after using a travel skill

50% chance on critical strike to expose the victim's armor, increasing damage taken from all sources by 15% for 4s All tier effects +30%
BloodType Scholar Small.png
+12% - 25% Increased Spell Power 8% - 15% Reduced cooldown on Spells 5% - 10% Spell Life Leech 15% chance to reset spell cooldown on cast All tier effects +30%
BloodType Warrior Small.png
+10% - 20% Increased Physical Power 8% - 15% Reduced cooldown on Weapon Skills 7.5% - 15% reduced damage taken

+25% damage when striking enemies at full health

15% chance to parry an attack reducing damage taken by 50%.

+25% attack damage when parrying an attack

All tier effects +30%
BloodType Worker Small.png
+10% - 30% Increased Resource Yield +15% to +25% damage against Resource Objects +10% to +20% Mount Gallop Speed 3% chance to instantly destroy a resource node and trigger a burst of speed All tier effects +30%
Mutant -25% - 50% reduced Blood Drain Rate. +10 - 15 Increased All Resistance Rating. +10% - 20% Increased movement speed while Shapeshifting. 40% chance to convert the victim to a random Mutant when killing them with a Bite. All tier effects +30%