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Borders expand your territory and allow you to place objects and walls. Must originate from a Castle Heart.

Borders are required to place objects inside of your castle with the exception of the castle heart. Borders must be placed on flat ground and must have two tiles distance between another players castle. Borders can not be placed on roads.

Only a set number of borders can be placed within a castle heart. This number can be increased by upgrading the castle heart.

Components to Craft

Fundamentals Castle HeartBorderPalisade WallPalisade EntrancePalisade DoorPalisade PillarWooden StairsStone StairsWooden CoffinStone CoffinThe Royal CoffinMist BrazierBlood Altar
Crafting Simple WorkbenchWoodworking BenchAlchemy TableTailoring BenchSmithyGem Cutting TableJewelcrafting TableAnvil
Refinement SawmillFurnaceBlood PressVermin NestTanneryThe DevourerGrinderLoomTombPaper Press
Research Research DeskStudyAthenaeum
Dominance Blood AltarServant CoffinPrison CellCastle ThroneThe Royal ThroneThe Eye of Twilight
Storage Small StashBig Stash'Omen' Slim Bookcase'Distinguished' Slim Bookcase'Omen' Wardrobe'Distinguished' Wardrobe'Ambrosia' Slim Blood CaseVampire Lockbox