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The heart of your domain.


The heart of your domain. As long as it contains blood essence it will power your castle and keep it from decaying. You can expand your territory with foundations and floors originating from the heart. If the heart is destroyed then your entire castle crumbles.

Castle Hearts are the first thing required to be placed before you can build in your territory. Castle hearts require upkeep in the form of placing blood essence in its inventory (Castle Power), each slot holds a stack of us to 250 blood essence. Running out of blood essence causes your territory and its structures to decay.

An interesting fact bear in mind is that the castle heart is not required to be placed inside the castle you eventually build; its only requirement is to be connected to the foundations. When moving the castle heart, make sure that every tile is directly connected; otherwise, you will be unable to move the castle heart or demolish any floors that would separate any floors from the castle heart.

*As of Patch 0.5.41821 it can now count as a part of special tile flooring and thus not interfering with floor bonuses. You still will be required to dismantle flooring or borders in the space that you wish to move the castle heart to and it cannot be out of range of connecting tiles.

Components to Craft


The Castle Heart starts out as Level 1 when constructed and can then be upgraded to increase its floor capacity, its servant count, and its castle power slots.

Level Required Resources Floor Count Servant Count Castle Power Slots
1 40 4 2
2 100 5 4
3 180 6 6
4 260 7 8
5 420 8 10

* Can be customized in server settings to limit castle levels and decrease or increase border and servant count per castle level with a max of 255 for both.

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