Castle Throne

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"Sit down on the Throne and command your servants. Send them to hunt for treasure, knowledge and blood."


Sitting on the Throne will open a map with white marked locations. By selecting a location, you can then send your servants on 2 to 23 hour missions that reward loot from that area. When they return, you will receive a notification upon entering your castle.

There are 5 hunt durations that you can choose from.

Hunt Duration Chance of Injury Success Chance Modifier
23 hours 20% +20% Success Chance
16 hours 20% +10% Success Chance
8 hours 25% +0% Success Chance
4 hours 30 -10% Success Chance
2 hours 30 -20% Success Chance


Servants can be gained by using a your Dominating Presence ability to charm an enemy humanoid and lead them to a Servant Coffin, the same as if you would take them to a Prison Cell. After bringing the charmed NPC to a Servant Coffin, you can convert them into a servant.


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