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Dedicated servers for V Rising enable players to interact with each other via Online Play.

  • The Online Play menu indicates whether the server has "Standard" settings or not. Users may want to contact a server admin to clarify any settings on a custom server.
  • Each dedicated server may be configured to the host's preferences, such as...
    • Enabling PvP
    • Incoming and outgoing damage intensity
    • Day/night cycle duration
    • Loot drop rates
    • and more...

V Rising (Stunlock Studios) is officially partnered with G-Portal, offering players the option to rent a server with little or no technical skill required.

  • Note: G-Portal servers are limited in that they are less customizable than hosting your own server.

Players may also host their own servers for free via the "V Rising Dedicated Server" application, using their own computer hardware and internet connection as a host.

  • The V Rising Dedicated Server application is currently available only on Windows 10/11.
    • User feedback indicates it can work on Linux via Wine or Windows 10 virtual machines.

Hosting a Free Dedicated Server


  • 5-10GB of disk space.
  • 2 Dedicated CPU cores
  • 16GB of RAM is the official recommendation
    • If hosting a server with 10 or less active players, 8GB of RAM is sufficient.
  • Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 (or newer)
  • Router port forwarding assigned to the device the server is running on
    • By default, the ports are 9876-9877 (TCP and UDP.)
    • To make your server visible to other players via the in-game Online Play menu, the ports should be 27015 and 27016 (UDP only)
  • The official "V Rising Dedicated Server" application.
    • SteamCMD (Only required for Installation Method 2, below)

Installation Steps

Method 1:

  1. Install "V Rising Dedicated Server" via "Tools" in your Steam Library

Method 2:

  1. Install SteamCMD - Download SteamCMD, unzip to a steamcmd directory in a location of your choice (for example c:\steamcmd). Run steamcmd.exe to complete installation.
  2. If you want to specify a non-default directory for the server to install (for example c:\VRisingServer) run 'force_install_directory "c:\VRisingServer"'. If you use this setting your should adjust all future updates and backups to use this directory.
  3. Login with "login anonymous" user. 4. Install/update the game with ""App_update 1829350"

This can all be automated with a basic batch script:

@echo off
start "" steamcmd.exe +login anonymous +app_update 1829350 validate +quit

Getting the Server Ready

It is recommended that you make a copy of "start_server_example.bat" (located in [install path]\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer) and re-name your copied .bat file to something else.

Editing the original "start_server_example.bat" is not recommended, because changes made in that file risk being overwritten by updates to the V Rising Dedicated Server application.

When you first edit the contents of your copied .bat file, it should look something like:

@echo off
 set SteamAppId=1604030
 echo "Starting V Rising Server - CTRL+C to exit"
@echo on
 VRisingServer.exe -persistentDataPath .\save-data -serverName "<server name here>" -saveName "<save_name_here>" -logFile ".\logs\VRisingServer.log"

Change "<server name here>" to whatever you want the server's name to be. Do not delete the quotations.

  • Example: "My Server Name"

Change "<save_name_here>" to whatever you want your save files to be titled. Do not delete the quotations. It is recommended that your save file name contains no spaces.

  • Example "my_server_name_save"

Optionally, if you intend on hosting more than one server, you can re-name the .log file.

To do this, change ".\logs\VRisingServer.log" to ".\logs\<YOUR_LOG_FILE_NAME_HERE>.log"


  • If Steam "Tools" install was used: Settings can be found in : [install path]\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings
    • If you're having trouble finding the install path, open Steam, find "V Rising Dedicated Server" in your Library, right-click and hover over "Manage" then select "Browse local files"
  • If SteamCMD install was used: Settings can be found in : [install path]\steamcmd\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer\VRisingServer_Data\StreamingAssets\Settings

In this folder, you'll find "ServerGameSettings.json" and "ServerHostSettings.json"

  • Before you make any changes, make a copy of these files as a backup. For example, "ServerGameSettings_backup.json" and "ServerHostSettings_backup.json"
  • Now you can edit the original files

To "link" your .bat file to your server settings, open "ServerHostSettings.json" and change the following:

  • "Name": "Example" to the exact name of the server you specified in your .bat file
  • "SaveName": "world1" to the exact name of the save file you specified in your .bat file
  • If you want the server to be password-protected, make sure to enter something for "Password" and make sure "Secure" is set to true.
  • If you want your server to appear in the "Play Online" list of servers via the game menu, you need to change "Port": 9876 to 27015 and "QueryPort": 9877 to 27016

Edit "ServerGameSettings.json" to change various gameplay features.

Protecting Your Server From Application Updates

If you've followed the steps thus far, you still run the risk of your server settings being overwritten by updates to the V Rising Dedicated Server application.

To avoid this, double-click on your custom .bat file to run your server.

  • The very first time your run your server, new sub-folders "save-data" > "Saves" > "v1" > "[your_server_save_file_name]" will be generated in your "VRisingDedicatedServer" folder.
    • All data within the [your_server_save_file_name] folder is protected from application updates
    • Move your "ServerGameSettings.json" and "ServerHostSettings.json" in this folder
    • Go back to your backup files "ServerGameSettings_backup.json" and "ServerHostSettings_backup.json" and re-name them to their original names by deleting "_backup"

Once you've moved your "ServerGameSettings.json" and "ServerHostSettings.json" into the [your_server_save_file_name] folder, your server settings are now safe from application updates!

Running the server

Simply locate your custom .bat file within [install path]\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer and double-click the file to run your server. You can also use scripts or other applications (with permission to execute .bat files) to start your server.

  • Note: If you move your .bat file out of the "VRisingServer_Data" folder, it will not work!

To stop your server, press CTRL + C and you'll be prompted to shut down the server by typing "Y."

  • Note: Regardless of your "AutoSaveInterval" settings, shutting down the server always makes 1 final save.


To update your game, stop the server and then run either the batch script above, keeping your install_dir consistent (or removed if you did not use one at all), or manually use SteamCMD to update_app.


It is recommended you backup your save files. They are found at [install path]\steamapps\common\VRisingDedicatedServer\save-data\Saves\v1. To back these up simply copy this directory to another directory, S3 or any other location. The server can be running during this backup.

It is also recommended you regularly stop, update and restart the server. You can do this with a script that uses taskkill to end the server process, then use the update install, and start scripts.