Farbane Woods

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The Farbane Woods are the beginning region in the game after exiting the tutorial zone.

Farbane woods.png

V Blood Bosses

Boss Name Level Location Power Reward Structure Reward Recipe Reward
Alpha Wolf 16 Wolf Den Wolf Form - -
Keely the Frost Archer 20 Bandit Trapper Camp Frost Bat Tannery
Rufus the Foreman 20 Bandit Logging Camp Blood Rage Woodworking Bench
Errol the Stonebreaker 20 Bandit Copper Mine Aftershock Big Stash -
Lidia the Chaos Archer 30 Roaming Chaos Volley Tannery Leather

Hunter's Cloak

Empty waterskin

Goreswine the Ravager 27 Roaming
Grayson the Armourer 27 Bandit Armory Crimson Aegis Whetstone
Clive the Firestarter 30 Bandit Sulfur Quarry Veil of Chaos
Polora the Feywalker 35 Gleaming Meadows Spectral Wolf Minor Garlic Resistance Brew
Ferocious Bear 35 Bear Cave Bear Form Fur Rugs -
Nicholaus the Fallen 35 Forgotten Cemetery Pestilence Paper Press -
Quincey the Bandit King 37 Bandit Stronghold Merciless Charge
Tristan the Vampire Hunter 44 Roaming Blood Hunger - Greater Blood Essence


The Winged Horror 78 The Dreaded Peak Frost Vortex - -

Patrol Routes



There are two Shady Merchants Camp in Farbane Woods. Each camp has four traders, which are: Shady Gem Dealer, Shady Goods Dealer, Shady Book Dealer and Shady Herb & Potion Dealer. Every vendor has a stock and a restock counter. The goods are randomized from their item pool. Their currency is copper coins.

These Merchants are non hostile unless attacked.

Shady Gem Dealer
Item Cost In Stock
Crude Amethyst 12 Copper Coins 10
Crude Ruby 12 Copper Coins 10
Crude Topaz 12 Copper Coins 10
Crude Sapphire 12 Copper Coins 10
Crude Miststone 12 Copper Coins 10
Crude Emerald 12 Copper Coins 10
Shady Goods Dealer
Item Cost In Stock
Necromancer's Mitre 150 Copper Coins 1
Rusted Helmet 150 Copper Coins 1
Rainbow Trout 28 Copper Coins 2
Fat Goby 28 Copper Coins 2
Miner's Mace 18 Copper Coins 2
Whetstone 8 Copper Coins 8
Coarse Thread 4 Copper Coins 12
Leather 4 Copper Coins 12
Shady Book Dealer
Item Cost In stock
Water Well 70 Copper Coins 2
Forge Flooring 70 Copper Coins 2
Ring of the Dawnrunner 60 Copper Coins 1
Ring of the Warlock 60 Copper Coins 1
Merciless Copper Spear 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Copper Sword 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Copper Axes 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Nightstalker Vest 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Nightstalker Leggings 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Nightstalker Gloves 40 Copper Coins 2
Merciless Nightstalker Vest 40 Copper Coins 2
Shady Herb & Potion Dealer
Item Cost In Stock
Mourning Lily Seed 36 Copper Coins 4
Snow Flower Seed 36 Copper Coins 4
Fire Blossom Seed 36 Copper Coins 4
Blood Rose Brew 18 Copper Coins 3
Brew of Ferocity 18 Copper Coins 3
Silver Resistance Brew 18 Copper Coins 3


Location Name Resources V Blood Blood Types Map Image
Bandit Armory Whetstone, Stone Dust Grayson the Armourer
Bandit Armory is located directly above the Center-West Waygate.
The Bandit Armory
Bandit Camp Coarse Thread, Paper
One of many Bandit Camps in Farbane Woods
One of many Bandit Camps
Bandit Copper Mine Copper Ore, Copper Ingot, Hell's Clarion Errol the Stonebreaker
The Bandit Copper Mine is directly east of the Center-West Waygate in Farbane Woods.
Bandit Copper Mine
Bandit Encampment Whetstone
A Bandit Encampment in Farbane Woods.
A Bandit Encampment
Bandit Logging Camp Plank, Coarse Thread, Paper Rufus the Foreman
The Bandit Logging Camp.
Bandit Logging Camp
Bandit Outpost Coarse Thread, Paper
The Bandit Outpost in Farbane Woods, along the border with Silverlight Mountains.
Bandit Outpost
Bandit Stronghold Whetstone, Sulphur Ore, Paper Quincey the Bandit King
The Bandit Stronghold in Farbane Woods.
Bandit Stronghold
Bandit Sulfur Quarry Sulphur Ore, Fire Blossom, Clay Clive the Firestarter
The Bandit Sulfur Quarry in Farbane Woods.
Bandit Sulfur Quarry
Bandit Trapper Camp Leather, Rugged Hide, Coarse Thread, Paper Keely the Frost Archer
The Bandit Trapper Camp in Farbane Woods is a medium-sized camp with palisades and two entrances. Inside are tents and cages with wolves and bears.
Bandit Trapper Camp
Bear Cave Rugged Hide, Hell's Clarion Ferocious Bear
The Bear Cave in Farbane Woods is located at the eastern end of the zone. There is a winding road leading around the side of mountain under which the cave rests.
Bear Cave
Bear Territory Rugged Hide
The Bear Territory in Farbane Woods is directly northwest of the Desecrated Graveyard.
Bear Territory
Desecrated Graveyard Grave Dust, Mourning Lily, Bone Goreswine the Ravager
The Desecrated Graveyard is located east of the western-most spawn location after the tutorial.
Desecrated Graveyard
Forgotten Cemetery Grave Dust, Mourning Lily, Bone Nicholaus the Fallen
The Forgotten Cemetery is located in roughly the center of Farbane Woods. It has two entrances and three tiers.
Forgotten Cemetery
Gleaming Meadows Blood Rose, Snow Flower, Fire Blossom Polora the Feywalker
The Gleaming Meadows is located at the northwest end of Farbane Woods, south of the border to Silverlight Mountains.
Gleaming Meadows
Infested Graveyard Grave Dust, Mourning Lily, Bone Goreswine the Ravager
The Infested Graveyard is located in Farbane Woods, west of the eastern spawn after the tutorial.
Infested Graveyard
The Dreaded Peak The Winged Horror
The Dreaded Peak is located in the westernmost edge of Farbane Woods, directly south of Hallowed Mountains. It is on a raised platform inaccessible except via Bat Form.
The Dreaded Peak
Wolf Den Rugged Hide
One of many Wolf Dens in Farbane Woods.
Wolf Den



Waygate Relative Location
Southeast Waygate Southwestern-most location, directly after the tutorial.
Southwest Waygate Southeastern-most location, directly after the tutorial.
Center-West Waygate South of Bandit Armory and west of Bandit Copper Mine.
Northeast Waygate East of Bandit Trapper Camp.