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Fishing is a non-combat activity that allows the player to obtain fish, reagents, and recipes.

How to fish

A player must obtain a Fishing Pole by crafting it at the Woodworking Bench, then proceed to any body of water and look for a distinct hotspot. They will be white, bubbling areas with a faint audio cue. Equip your fishing pole, and cast when facing the hotspot by pressing the attack key. Wait until a large splash of water occurs, and reel it in immediately using the attack key. A delay will result in a failure. Hotspots are limited to one cast, and will disappear after you reel in - whether you succeed in the cast or not.


Certain zones have exclusive loot for fishing, in addition to general loot that can be fished in every zone with varying rarity. As a general rule of thumb, you can fish up recipes for the same "tier" as the zone. Farbane Woods fishing spots will yield recipes you learn on the Research Desk, Dunley Farmlands fishing will yield recipes for the Study, and Silverlight Hills fishing will yield Athenaeum recipes.

Item Fishing spot location Rarity
Twilight Snapper All zones, most common in Dunley Farmlands (14%) Rare
Fat Goby All zones, most common in Hallowed Mountains (26%) Common
Fierce Stinger Farbane Woods (10%), Dunley Farmlands (12%), Hallowed Mountains (12%) Rare
Golden River Bass Silverlight Hills (14%) Rare
Blood Snapper Cursed Forest (12.5%) Rare
Swamp Dweller Cursed Forest (19.5%) Common
Sage Fish Dunley Farmlands (1%) and Silverlight Hills (10%) Rare
Rainbow Trout Farbane Woods (7%), Dunley Farmlands (12%), Silverlight Hills (22%) Rare
The Fish Cursed Forest (1%) Very Rare

Note: Rarity and location is based on early access data, and a small sample size.