Gem Cutting Table

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Gem Cutting Table.png


A workstation used for combining lower quality gems into higher quality gems, and crafting siege golem stones. To unlock the Gem Cutting Table, you must defeat Terah the Geomancer.

Components to craft

Crafting recipes available

Item Name Crafting components Crafting components with matching floor (-25% crafting cost)
Siege Golem Stone 200 Stone Brick

200 Gem Dust

16 Scourgestone

12 Greater Blood Essence

150 Stone Brick

150 Gem Dust

12 Scourgestone

9 Greater Blood Essence

Regular Ruby 4 Crude Ruby 3 Crude Ruby
Regular Sapphire 4 Crude Sapphire 3 Crude Sapphire
Regular Emerald 4 Crude emerald 3 Crude Emerald
Regular Topaz 4 Crude Topaz 3 Crude Topaz
Regular Miststone 4 Crude Miststone 3 Crude Miststone
Regular Amethyst 4 Crude Amethyst 3 Crude Amethyst
Flawless Ruby 4 Regular Ruby 3 Regular Ruby
Flawless Sapphire 4 Regular Sapphire 3 Regular Sapphire
Flawless Emerald 4 Regular Emerald 3 Regular Emerald
Flawless Topaz 4 Regular Topaz 3 Regular Topaz
Flawless Miststone 4 Regular miststone 3 Regular Miststone
Flawless Amethyst 4 Regular Amethyst 3 Regular Amethyst
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