Polora the Feywalker

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Polora the Feywalker
Polora the Feywalker.png
Location Gleaming Meadows
Region Farbane Woods
Default Level 34

A powerful psychopomp that taps into mysterious spiritual sources. Pelora is one of the only known mortal links to fairy kind and driven to the brink of sanity by her intimate connection to nature. Her dream-like home is alive with unique, enchanted plant life.






Polora the Feywalker can be found at the Gleaming Meadows north west of Farbane Woods


Standard attack: Three projectiles in a cone shape.

Spectral wolf: This straight-line attack heals her for 25% health and her butterflies to full health if it connects with a player or one of her butterflies.

Fear: She casts fear in a circle around her. Players are then feared for approx 2s.

Summon butterflies: At around 50% health she will summon one butterfly per player. She will continue to cast this until there are two butterflies per player. This can mean she instantly summons more butterflies the moment you kill them. The butterflies mimic her projectile attack.


Keep her in front of her butterflies so the wolf cannot hit them, and avoid the wolf at all costs. Don't kill any of the butterflies, just reposition and evade their attacks. Use Chaos skills to apply DOTs to keep damage up between evading hits. Using the Sword's Q ability is a great way to get a lot of damage in, but be prepared to dodge back out before she uses her fear ability. While at range, use a crossbow but save the Q ability for your Sword. Don't use unholy skills as these appear to have little to no effect on her.

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