Prison Cell

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Prison Cell


Prison Cells allow you to imprison a charmed human, making them a Prisoner. While imprisoned, you can interact with the cell to Drain Blood, Extract Blood Essence, or Feed Prisoner. Draining their blood or extracting blood essence will reduce the prisoner's health and increase their Misery. Feeding the prisoner will restore their health or reduce their misery according to what you feed them.

Prison Cell Interactions
Interaction Required Component Health Change Misery Change
Drain Blood Empty Glass Bottle -30% ~ -60% +5% ~ +20%
Extract Blood Essence -10% ~ -30% +2% ~ +6%
Feed Prisoner Rat +20% ~ +30%
Feed Prisoner Fat Goby +100%
Feed Prisoner Rainbow Trout -5% ~ -10%
Feed Prisoner Sage Fish +30% ~ +70% -15% ~ -30%

Draining their blood will create a Blood Potion consumable item that grants a full blood pool of the prisoner's blood type and quality. If the prisoner's health reaches 0, they'll be killed. See the Prisoner page for the damage formula.

Furthermore, you can Charm or Kill your prisoner. A Charmed prisoner can be placed in a Servant Coffin to convert them to a Vampire Servant. This is irreversible.

Components to Craft

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