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By using research structures like the Research Desk players unlock unique items and upgrades required to reach the highest gear score.


Recipes unlock crafting options from research structures, either through recipe books obtained as drops or by random chance using research reagents. They feature structures, weapon upgrades, and consumables, with all three tiers of research containg unique unlocks that can't be produced any other way. Clans can interact with research structures built by other clan members and learn any preexisting research without an additional cost.

Obtaining recipe books

Books containing random recipes are dropped rarely by enemies, found in loot chests, and even obtained via fishing. The tier of book is based on the enemy level or zone it's looted from. Farbane Woods most commonly contains recipes for the Research Desk, Dunley Farmlands for the Study, and Silverlight Hills and Cursed Forest for the Athenaeum.

Random research

All three tiers of research structures have an associated reagent that can be used to roll for a random recipe that hasn't yet been unlocked. Each can be obtained from zones of their respective tier, and recipe books, especially duplicates, can be put in The Devourer to obtain reagents of their respective tier. The Paper Press can be used to turn lower-tier research reagents (along with other required items) into higher-tier research reagents.

Reagents required for random roll
Item Research Structure Amount
Paper Paper Research Desk 50
Scroll Scroll Study 75
Schematic Schematic Athenaeum 100
Unlocked by Research Desk
Structures Armour Weapons Magic Consumables
Forge Flooring Merciless Nightstalker Vest Merciless Copper Sword The Ember Chain Brew of Ferocity
Alchemy Lab Flooring Merciless Nightstalker Leggings Merciless Copper Axes The Frozen Eye Enchanted Brew
Water Well Merciless Nightstalker Gloves Merciless Copper Mace Mist Signet Blood Rose Brew
Assortment of Storage Shelves Merciless Nightstalker Boots Merciless Copper Spear Duskwatcher's Ring Minor Sun Resistance Brew
Gravel Paths Merciless Hunter's Crossbow Silver Resistance Brew
Simple Furniture
Assortment of Simple Candle Stands
Assortment of Fine Paintings
Garden Decore
Assortment of 'Augur' Vases
Stone Ornaments
Assortment of Windows
Workshop Walls
'Hearth' Wall Panels
Decorative Stone Walls
Unlocked by Study
Structures Armour Weapons Magic Consumables
Tailor's Flooring Merciless Hollowfang Vest Merciless Iron Sword Amethyst Pendant Fire Resistance Brew
Library Flooring Merciless Hollowfang Leggings Merciless Iron Axes Ruby Pendant Wrangler's Potion
Crypt Flooring Merciless Hollowfang Gloves Merciless Iron Mace Sapphire Pendant Garlic Resistance Potion
Assortment of Storage Lockers Merciless Hollowfang Boots Merciless Iron Spear Emerald Necklace
Slim Blood Case Merciless Iron Reaper Misty Necklace
Paper Press Merciless Iron Slashers Topaz Amulet
Assortment of Fine Braziers Merciless Iron Crossbow
Assortment of Vampire Statues
Assortment of 'Pelagic' Vases
Assortment of Fine Candle Stands
'Red' Chairs
Cobblestone Paths
'Dux' Carpet Collection
Assortment of Coloured Windows
Noble Fences & Fountains
Fine Dining Table Collection
Prison Walls
'Cordial' Wall Panels
Unlocked by Anthenaeum
Structures Armour Weapons Magic Consumables
Prison Flooring Bloodmoon Chestguard Sanguine Sword Shard of the Frozen Crypt Potion of Rage
Jewel Chamber flooring Bloodmoon Leggings Sanguine Axes Nightstone of the Beast Witch Potion
Assortment of Cabinets Bloodmoon Gloves Sanguine Mace Jewel of the Wicked Prophet
Wide Blood Case Bloodmoon Boots Sanguine Spear
Assortment of 'Alabaster' Vases Sanguine Reaper
Assortment of Great Braziers Sanguine Slashers
'Distinguished' Carpet Collection Sanguine Crossbow
Assortment of Royal Curtains
Sofa & Divan Collection
Exterior Light & Imperious Fountain
Hanging Lantern
Flying Lights