Research Desk

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Research Desk
Research Desk


Use the Research Desk to uncover new technology and items.

Components to Craft

Unlocked by quests: Fortify

Structures Armor Weapons Magic Consumables
Forge Flooring Merciless Nightstalker Vest Merciless Copper Sword The Ember Chain Brew of Ferocity
Alchemy Lab Flooring Merciless Nightstalker Leggings Merciless Copper Axes The Frozen Eye Enchanted Brew
Water Well Merciless Nightstalker Gloves Merciless Copper Mace Mist Signet Blood Rose Brew
Assortment of Storage Shelves Merciless Nightstalker Boots Merciless Copper Spear Duskwatcher's Ring Minor Sun Resistance Brew
Gravel Paths Merciless Hunter's Crossbow Silver Resistance Brew
Simple Furniture
Assortment of Simple Candle Stands
Assortment of fine Paintings
Garden Decore
Assortment of 'Augur' Vases
Stone Ornaments
Assortment of Windows
Workshop Walls
'Hearth' Wall Panels
Decorative Stone Walls
Fundamentals Castle HeartBorderPalisade WallPalisade EntrancePalisade DoorPalisade PillarWooden StairsStone StairsWooden CoffinStone CoffinThe Royal CoffinMist BrazierBlood Altar
Crafting Simple WorkbenchWoodworking BenchAlchemy TableTailoring BenchSmithyGem Cutting TableJewelcrafting TableAnvil
Refinement SawmillFurnaceBlood PressVermin NestTanneryThe DevourerGrinderLoomTombPaper Press
Research Research DeskStudyAthenaeum
Dominance Blood AltarServant CoffinPrison CellCastle ThroneThe Royal ThroneThe Eye of Twilight
Storage Small StashBig Stash'Omen' Slim Bookcase'Distinguished' Slim Bookcase'Omen' Wardrobe'Distinguished' Wardrobe'Ambrosia' Slim Blood CaseVampire Lockbox