Silverlight Hills

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Suggested Level: 60+

Silverlight hills.png

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VBlood Bosses

Boss Name Level Location Power Reward Structure Reward Recipe Reward
Mairwyn the Elementalist 64 Emberleaf Grove Crystal Lance - Imperial Thread
Azariel the Sunbringer 68 Brighthaven Cathedral Power Surge - Gold Ingot
Morian the Stormwing Matriarch 68 Harpy Nest Void - Flawless Amethyst

Flawless Emerald

Flawless Miststone

Flawless Ruby

Flawless Sapphire

Flawless Topaz

Solarus the Immaculate 80 Fortress of Light Summon Fallen Angel - -



Army Camp (1-6)

A small army camp holding only a limited amount of supplies.

Silverlight Hills Army Camps

Army Outpost (1-3)

A fortified army outpost hoarding a large stockpile of supplies.

Silverlight Hills Army Outposts
Important loot:

Brighthaven Cathedral

A holy place for the church of Luminance and its devoted following.

Important Loot:

Brighthaven Docks

An industrial harbour, supplying the continent with goods from the sea.

Important Loot:
Other Loot:

Aside from the important loot mentioned above, this location is a great resource area for the following as well:

Brighthaven Slums

The less fortunate reside here.

Important Loot:

Brighthaven Square

The city's public square. Well off residents thrive here under the protection of the church.

Important Loot:

Brighthaven Suburbs (1)

Brighthaven Suburbs (2)

Emberleaf Grove

Fortress of Light

Harpy Nest (1)

Harpy Nest (2)

Sacred Silver Mines