Simple Workbench

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Simple Workbench
Simple Workbench: "A simple workbench for improving weapons and armour."


A workstation used for crafting bone and copper weapons, armor, and miscellaneous items

Components to Craft

Unlocked by quests: Fortify

Crafting Recipes Available

Item Name Gear Level
Reinforced Bone Sword 6
Reinforced Bone Axes 6
Reinforced Bone Mace 6
Reinforced Bone Spear 6
Copper Sword 9
Copper Axes 9
Copper Mace 9
Copper Spear 9
Merciless Copper Sword 12
Merciless Copper Axes 12
Merciless Copper Mace 12
Merciless Copper Spear 12
Blood Rose Ring 6
Gravedigger Ring 9
The Ember Chain 12
The Frozen Eye 12
Duskwatcher's Ring 12
Mist Signet 12
Plated Boneguard Chestguard 2
Plated Boneguard Leggings 2
Plated Boneguard Gloves 2
Plated Boneguard Boots 2
Nightstalker Vest 3
Nightstalker Leggings 3
Nightstalker Gloves 3
Nightstalker Boots 3
Merciless Nightstalker Vest 4
Merciless Nightstalker Leggings 4
Merciless Nightstalker Gloves 4
Merciless Nightstalker Boots 4
Traveller's Wrap -
Bone Castle Key -
Copper Castle Key -
Immortal King's Drape* -

*Immortal King's Drape is only visible to players who have purchased the DLC Dracula's Relics Pack.