Soul Shards

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Soul Shards are powerful, highly sought after rewards from defeating the 3 toughest bosses in the game. When placed in your castle they can be harnessed to gain 2 hour buffs for you and your clan members.

Soul Shard V Blood Buff
Soul Shard of the Behemoth Gorecrusher the Behemoth +50 Garlic Resistance

+50 Holy Resistance

+5% Movement Speed

+20% Increased Resource Yield

Soul Shard of the Winged Horror The Winged Horror +50 Silver Resistance

+50 Fire Resistance

+10 Spell Power

+5% Spell Critical Strike Rate

Soul Shard of Solarus Solarus the Immaculate +50 Sun Resistance

+5% Primary Melee Attack Speed

+10 Physical Power