Tailoring Bench

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Tailoring Bench.png


A workstation for crafting armor and miscellaneous cloth-based items. This station is unlocked after killing Quincey the Bandit King.

Components to Craft

Crafting Recipes Available

Item Name Gear Level
Carpet Roll N/A
Traveller's Wrap N/A
Hunter's Cloak N/A
Phantom's Veil N/A
Hollowfang Chestguard 5
Hollowfang Leggings 5
Hollowfang Gloves 5
Hollowfang Boots 5
Merciless Hollowfang Vest 6
Merciless Hollowfang Leggings 6
Merciless Hollowfang Gloves 6
Merciless Hollowfang Boots 6
Dawnthorn Chestguard 7
Dawnthorn Leggings 7
Dawnthorn Gloves 7
Dawnthorn Boots 7
Bloodmoon Chestguard 8
Bloodmoon Leggings 8
Bloodmoon Gloves 8
Bloodmoon Boots 8
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