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05:37, 10 June 2022 HashtonKutcher (talk): Correct me if I'm wrong but the bone crossbow should be considered Unique because I don't think it is craftable.

09:24, 10 June 2022 Wizard12892 (talk): I see where you're coming from, I see unique as things that don't fit solidly into other tiers though. For example if we moved bone crossbow to unique then we'd have to move The General's Reaper out because it is craftable.

13:09, 14 June 2022 KiroKobra (talk): Agreed with Wizard. Way I see it, "Unique" is indicative of an item lacking any sort of descriptive modifier, for example, "Bone" in Bone Sword is not unique because there is a sub-category of Bone items. This is where the Bone Crossbow would go. Unique items lack indication of whether they belong to any specific sub-category.