Terrorclaw the Ogre

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Terrorclaw the Ogre
Terrorclaw the Ogre.png
Location Frozen Cave
Region Hallowed Mountains
Default Level 68

A creature whose story has long since been lost to the ages, thought not without resemblance to some few legendary creatures that were once men. One cannot help but wonder what strange corruption has taken root in Vardoran.




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Terrorclaw terrorizes the denizens of the Hallowed Mountains from within the Frozen Cave.


Level recomended: 50+

Skills: Chaos Barrier and Chaos Volley

This boss have very easy predictable and avoidable attacks.

3 consecutive hits attack, easily avoidable just by running backwards;

leap after shout, just run sideways

Hits on ground that drops ice spikes, just avoid the spikes by running, good time to deal some damage.

Big hit on ground that creates cone shaped ice blast, just run sideways

Ice spike grab and throw, use your Chaos Barrier to block the projectile and deal some damage.

After it reaches around 60% hp it will start to blow ice in a cone shape like the attack before, watch out because this attack is almost unscapable, you need to use the ice spikes on the scenario to block the ice blast.

it will start to jump to your location with an AOE ice explosion, just dash away to avoid it

Keep doing this and you will kill him with ease.

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