Weapon Abilities

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Each weapon type gains access to abilities at certain tiers. The first ability is gained at the Copper tier, while the second is gained at the Iron tier.


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Spin around and slice nearby enemies dealing 35% physical damage every 0.25s for 1.1s. 0s 8s
Send forth a shockwave dealing 70% physical damage and launching the enemy hit into the air for 1.6s. Recast the ability to teleport to the target striking it three times, each strike dealing 25% physical damage. 0.6s 8s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Dash forward and strike the first enemy dealing 100% physical damage. Enter a state of frenzy that increases your movement speed by 25% and increases attack speed by 30% for 0.8s on a successful hit. 0.3s 8s
Throw two axes in the shape of an X. Each hit deal 86% physical damage and slows the enemy for 1.5s. Hitting the enemy where both axes intersect inflicts a 2s incapacitate. 0.5s 8s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Crushing Blow.png
Crushing Blow
Vault towards the cursor and slam your mace into the ground dealing 110% physical damage and inflicting a 2s fading snare. 0.7s 8s
Smack enemies in front of you dealing 50% physical damage, knocking them back and incapacitating them for 1.2s. 0.35s 9s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
A Thousand Spears.png
A Thousand Spears
Perform a multi-stab attack, dealing 25% physical damage 8 times.
Recast during the effect to perform a thrust attack dealing 50% physical damage and knocking enemies back.
0.35ss 8s
Throw a spear that deals 70% physical damage and pulls the enemy towards you. 0.8s 8s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Tendon Swing.png
Tendon Swing
Swing your reaper dealing 125% physical damage to nearby enemies, knocking them back and inflicting a 2s fading snare. 0.2s 8s
Howling Reaper.png
Howling Reaper
Throw a howling reaper that spins in place dealing 20% physical damage every 0.25s for 2.5s. The initial projectile hit slows enemies for 1.5s. 0.5s 8s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Elusive Strike.png
Elusive Strike
Dash back and forth slashing at your enemies dealing 70% physical damage and inflicting a 2s slow on each hit. 0.2s 8s
Enter a state of camouflage, increasing movement speed by 25% for 3s. Your next primary attack deals 80% physical damage and incapacitates the enemy for 2.5s. Using any skill breaks camouflage. 0s 10s


Ability Description Cast Time Cooldown
Rain of Bolts.png
Rain of Bolts
Fire a salvo of 5 bolts into the air that rains down on your enemies dealing 40% physical damage each in an area and inflicts a 1.5s fading snare. 0.4s 8s
Fire a quick bolt that deals 75% physical damage, interrupts casts and inflicts a 2s fading snare. 0.3s 8s
Bone Bone Sword.webp SwordBone Axe.webp AxesBone Mace.webp MaceBone Spear.webp SpearBone Crossbow.webp Crossbow
Reinforced Bone Reinforced Bone Sword.webp SwordReinforced Bone Axe.webp AxesReinforced Bone Mace.webp MaceReinforced Bone Spear.webp Spear
Copper Copper-sword.png SwordCopper-axe.png AxesCopper-mace.png MaceCopper-spear.png SpearHunters-crossbow.png Crossbow
Merciless Copper Merciless-copper-sword.png SwordMerciless-copper-axes.png AxesMerciless-copper-mace.png MaceMerciless-copper-spear.png SpearMerciless-hunters-crossbow.png Crossbow
Iron Iron-sword.png SwordIron-axes.png AxesIron-mace.png MaceIron-spear.png SpearIron Reaper.webp ReaperIron Slashers.webp SlashersIron-crossbow.png Crossbow
Merciless Iron Merciless-iron-sword.png SwordMerciless-iron-axes.png AxesMerciless-iron-mace.png MaceMerciless-iron-spear.png SpearReinforced Iron Reaper.webp ReaperMerciless Iron Slashers.webp SlashersMerciless-iron-crossbow.png Crossbow
Dark Silver Dark-silver-sword.png SwordDark-silver-axes.png AxesDark-silver-mace.png MaceDark-silver-spear.png SpearDark-silver-reaper.png ReaperDark-silver-slashers.png SlashersDark-silver-crossbow.png Crossbow
Sanguine Sanguine-sword.png SwordSanguine-axes.png AxesSanguine-mace.png MaceSanguine-spear.png SpearSanguine-reaper.png ReaperSanguine-slashers.png SlashersSanguine-crossbow.png Crossbow
Unique Lumberjack's Axe.webp Lumberjack's AxesMiner's Mace.webp Miner's MaceThe-generals-soul-reaper.png The General's Soul Reaper